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Default Zune Compatible Headunit - Kenwood BT-901

I was searching around for a firmware update (to see if there was one out) for my headunit, and came across a thread that referenced this player. It was a while back, but was closed with no real answers. Did a quick search, saw a few people mention Kenwood, but no real answers and such. Well...

I had been searching for a while to find a headunit compatible with the Zune. I could have settled for something with just an auxiliary input, but I wanted full head unit control. So I found the Kenwood BT-900/901 models, and decided to try out the BT-901. I got it off eBay for under $300, which is about standard pricing for it I think. Anyways, it is a great headunit.
It works completely with the Zune, at least audio wise. It recognizes both my 30gb and 80gb Zunes. In my Camaro SS I originally had it in, it worked flawlessly starting exactly where it left off, and charged it in the process if I needed to take it out and listen to it elsewhere. It is now in my Trans Am WS6, and still works great with the 30gb though my 80gb has been acting weird (attempting a fix for it right now).

There are a few complaints with the unit however. One is that the selection and playback of music is limited in some sense. Sometimes when browsing albums, if the album has a lot of songs you may be missing a few. Also, you either get the choice to play music randomly as a whole, or choose a specific artist/album/song and listen to them in order (A-Z). There is unfortunately no way (that I've found, granted) to shuffle by artist or album. The other problem I have is that sometimes it just doesn't like to recognize the Zune, it just displays "Reading" forever until you unplug/reconnect it a few times or use the "Port Up" button or switch inputs or a combination of all three. It's annoying, but doesn't happen very often as long as you pretty much leave it connected.

With the few flaws it does have, I can't really complain considering it is one of the only headunits that does truly work with the Zune. I just plug it up and leave it in the glove box. It is easy to get used to the controls, and even though selection is a bit flawed as said above, I can easily access it and keep my eyes on the road. The headunit also has a nice selection of options available to tweak the sound, which work out nice if you have a good audio system.

If you are looking to upgrade and want to use your Zune in your car, I'd recommend this headunit. They might be coming out with better 2012 models possibly as well.

For reference, my setup:
Kenwood BT-901
Alpine Type X Components (Front)
Alpine Type R Coaxial (Rear)
Stock speakers (Hatch...will be replaced soon probably)
Polk PA880 Amp
Alpine Type R 12 in a cheap truck box
Polk PA660 Amp (Ordered, will be in soon)

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Ah, I remember reading about this way back when it first came out, but I never heard anything about it other than the fact that it had Zune support which sounded awesome. Glad to finally get to hear a bit more as to what it's like.

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