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Ricardo Dawkins
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Default Zune 106 - News, Reviews, Tips and more...

zSuite 2.0 Released and looks quite nice…
I received an email today letting me know that these guys are quite happy and ready to show the world, zSuite 2.0…
This suite enhances your Zune Software experience and from the screenies I got, it looks pretty cool.

This release has 4 different tools to Enjoy the Social the way you want to…

Get YouTube Videos on your Zune
Ok, here is a little demo showing how to get Youtube videos on your Zune or your Pocket PC or whatever…

The Zune 80 as an Home Entertainment Center
That’s about it… just showing the audio and video out capability of the Zune 80 on the big screen. What do you think?

Snowboarding Reader Meetup Tomorrow: Custom Gizmodo Zune Giveaway
The little reader meetup on Saturday April 5th (that's TOMORROW!) continues to grow. Alpine Meadows is hosting us, treating us to breakfast, putting up a big Gizmodo banner, and giving our volunteer Red One camera crew a snowmobiled chaperon. Olympus is sending us a waterproof 1030 cam to demo. And Brian from the Zune team is coming out with some demo Zunes preloaded with good music to shred to. (I've picked a few tracks, but the Zune team's own music experts are dialing in a playlist, too.) Even better they're giving away a few Zunes with custom drawn Gizmodo logos. Who would have thought this little event would get so much love?

• Nokia is bringing a ton of N95s for us to use.

• Smith Optics will be bringing some of their new hot swappable goggles and fan driven turbo goggles to test out, along with a bluetooth helmet and I think lots and lots of headbands. (Slope style counts.)

• JBL is giving away headphones.

• VuDu is giving away a box.

• I'll have a Garmin Colorado preloaded with Ski trail maps. Overkill compared to a paper map, but potentially useful for off-piste adventures and worth checking out in person.

• Zune'll come along with a few loaners preloaded with Gizmodo approved snow shredding tracks and those custom Giz Zunes to give away.

• I'll have one loaner of the Vholdr outdoor camcorder.

• Nacski might be setting up a bus ride system from SF.

• Silverado Systems is going to bring a pair of RED One cams to document the day

• I'll bring a Dash GPS.

• Olympus is sending a water and shockproof 1030 to test.

If you want to come as a reader or as someone who wants to demo some gear, drop me an email. It would be great to meet in person.

Generation Zune
Artist of the Week: The Black Keys
HELLZ YEAH! This week’s Featured artists are The Black Keys with their new album "Attack & Release" If you follow me at all, you have come to know I am a HUGE fan of The Black Keys. In addition, The Black Keys have teamed up with Danger Mouse for this album — hence my excitement for this! Go download it at the ZMP NOW!

I Have a Zune
Tommy is like SO into Zunes
Look Tommy Lee has a Zune. I have a Zune. Ergo*, I’m as cool as Tommy Lee.**

*Latin is gangsta.

**So are you.

We love parcels
...and we received another one today, from Incipio. Look for upcoming reviews for Incipio's cases for Zune 80GB and Zune 8/4GB models - including the flip, kickstand, and Duke cases shown above.


How long and how often?
Just curious has to how long you all have owned your Zune or Zunes and how often you use it?
I have had my 30 since Feb of 07 and use it every day. My play count does not reflect that however! Huh
Most of the time my Zune is in my office hooked up to the Altec Lansing system that I got off of "Woot" a while back, and for what ever reason the tunes I play while connected to the speaker system do not show up.
Which I suppose is a good thing, now that I think about it!

Red Car + Red Zune + cassette adaptor = Perfect mobile Zune system!
I had a cassette adaptor for my old portable CD player and hooked it up to the headphone jack of my Zune to connect to my car’s Bose audio system. My car has a little drawer on the top of its center console that holds my Zune perfectly and tilts it towards me, the driver.
Now my songs are pumped through my car’s audio system (crystal clear & at a higher volume unlike FM transmitters) and I can even watch videos as I am driving.
If your car has a cassette player, I highly recommend this setup. You can pickup a CD adaptor for about $10-15 at CC, BB, Staples, etc.

Best Zune 80 case?
Whats a great cheap zune 80 case..I just got my zune 80 today and I'm already really protective! I want to get a nice case thats really nice and not baulky

Zune 80gb Reboot problem
so...id been saving up to buy a zune, finally got one 2 days ago. Grin 1st things fist, i opened it, updated software etc. put the music i had on my hard drive on it, and went to work with my 1/8 in. jack to RCA out cable, had it plugged in to the PA amp there, and at almost exactly 2 1/2 songs in, it reboots itself. so, i ignored it, and went back to the music...and at 2 1/2 songs in (different songs this time) it reset itself again. we resorted to just listening to the radio off the zune, no resets there. i got home, checked google, everyone said its a static problem due to moving around too much, but it was sitting on the counter at work (a video rental store) when it was resetting, 4 times in an hour. it did the same thing today while i was mowing the lawn, but i actually got about 6-7 songs in before the resets.....does anyone know how to fix it/have similar problems?

Zune 80 case which strong secure belt clip?
Could anyone recommend a case for the Zune 80 with a good secure belt clip? I usually listen to my Zune when cycling which is mainly why I need the belt clip. I bought a Zune accessories kit off ebay recently which came with a silicon case and belt clip but the clip is rather flimsy and doesnt really feel secure when I'm cycling. I've been looking around to get another one but usually the item doesn't include pictures of the belt clips or how it attaches which is why I'm wary of getting another flimsy belt clip

Waterproof case for Zune 80 ???
I will be using my Zune outdoors near the water and on the beach. Where can I find a good waterproof Zune case? Does the Aquapac one fit the Zune 80 ? I have had mixed responses to this. Huh Anyone have first hand experience?


TIPS: Zuneboards
Best Video specs for zune 80 without transcoding
i'am getting a zune 80 just before spring break. i have around 200 .avi files i've downloaded off stage6 just before it closed down .......
i'am using MWE 9 ... ive been searching and found that some videos transcode during syncing ... this takes forever ....

what resolutions and bit rate should i use to get the best quality without transcoding ???

i know 320x240 is common but can i go higher ??? and how about the video & audio bit rate?? what's the max ??

TIPS: Zuneboards
Some very important key combinations
Cool key combinations

Press and hold the play button and it will put your zune into sleep mode.

Press and hold the back button and it will take you to the main menu no matter where you are.

Press and hold the back + down buttons and your zune will go into deep sleep mode (so you don't waste battery).

Press and hold the back + up buttons to reset your zune. (This is just like a rest button on xbox or ps2, it won't delete anything)
More on the link...

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Once again, really impressive post! Gj!

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wow, nice post. Actually found a few things helpful

+rep for you!


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Thank you Richardo!

I am a fairly new zuner (about a month) and you posted some excellent information. And you even included my red car + red zune + cassette adapter post -- I'm honored

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Thank u for this. Alot of interesting information.

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